Our core solutions include DRIVE and PULSE. These two solutions address the growing needs for Big Data processing and deployment for use-cases in Marketing and Healthcare.

Welcome to the world of real-time marketing.

DRIVE was designed to help marketing teams create rich marketing campaigns that are contextual, real-time, data-driven and relevant.

What makes DRIVE unique compared to other marketing solutions is that it is truly end-to-end. It is able to ingest streaming datasets, apply analytic algorithms on them and continuously update customer profiles based on their most recent activity. This allows targeting these very customers at the most momentous occasions – when they’re still right in their point of intent, based on their past, current and predicted future behavior.

Marketing teams can now reach out to their customers at the most appropriate and opportune touchpoint and send out personalized offers in real-time, thereby significantly enhancing customer experience and growing campaign ROI.

Key Features

  • Real-time Contextual Campaigns Target customers with the right offer when triggered by the right event
  • Offer Ranking Rank various possible offers available to customers in real-time based on propensity, profitability, customer utility and churn.
  • Multi-Stage, Multi-Wave Campaigns Craft and deploy complex campaigns that monitor and encourage a sequence of actions by customers.
  • User-Friendly, Natural Language based Interface Marketers can create and run campaigns themselves.
DRIVE is powered by a robust scalable technology platform – perfect for any organization of any size. It requires commodity hardware, integrates into the existing environment and can work on-premise or on the cloud. Unscrambl offers DRIVE with both Opex and Capex options, giving the technology team the flexibility to manage its financial budgets in a competitive environment.

Discover the limitless possibilities of real-time marketing and empower your marketing team with DRIVE.

Gain deeper insights. Create sharper marketing campaigns. Obtain higher ROI.

To address the rising dependence of data in healthcare, PULSE aims to aid physicians and other relevant healthcare professionals in gaining insights generated from captured real-time data which could lead to significant impact on patient longevity and prevention of further illnesses.

As an end-to-end platform that supports multiple roles, PULSE is able to generate dashboards and alerts for physicians, enabling users to register new triggers and metrics, and ensuring data scientists are able to conduct analysis, both real-time and offline.

Through PULSE, healthcare professionals will be able to provide tailored recommendations to patients and caregivers by harnessing data from multiple healthcare systems.

Key Features

  • Real-time Triggering & Alerting Detect relevant patient conditions as soon as they occur based on data from multiple sensors
  • Incorporate state of the art patient prediction models From the top medical researchers around the world
  • User-Friendly, Natural Language based Interface Healthcare professionals can set up triggers and alerts themselves
Physicians can now easily create a single patient profile encompassing all data sources: illness history, historical and ongoing treatments, medications, allergies, health insurance and so on. Most importantly, this profile will be online, enabling it to hold the most up-to-date data, reflecting the most recent activities of the patient.

Arguably the most critical component of PULSE is its ability to provide real-time actions on patients’ health data by setting up alarms and warnings. PULSE tracks the patient’s vital signs in real-time, making it possible for the platform to administer early warning signs for potentially serious conditions and healthcare institutions can then carry out preventive actions on them.

PULSE additionally comes with a number of pre-packaged analytical modules that have been developed with the healthcare industry in mind.

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