Unscrambl has created solutions in different industries tackling specific use-cases around real-time marketing, customer care, patient diagnosis, operations optimization, logistics and fraud detection.

More uniquely, we have pioneered the concept of Robots for automated actions. Robots automate everything that lies between data and actions, including deriving insights, taking decisions, performing actions and learning from the feedback. They can explore various possible actions in a guided manner, evaluate the efficacy of these actions under different settings and decide how best to proceed to achieve optimal outcomes. Find out how cognitive decisions, and not just insights, give tangible value in these critical industries.

Unscrambl Healthcare Robot


Discover how Unscrambl’s automated sepsis detection and optimized alerting robot can save lives.

Unscrambl Marketing Robots


Achieve diverse goals and increase revenue with Unscrambl’s automated targeted marketing robots.

Unscrambl Customer Care Robots

Financial Services

Increase revenue and improve CX with Unscrambl’s automated targeted marketing and customer care robots.

Unscrambl is a cognitive decisioning company that believes in actions. Data is nice. Insights are lovely. But actions give you the value! We have built a platform with several unique features that help you directly realize business value by deciding the optimum action to take for any given situation.


Packaged Adapters & Analytics

Packaged Adapters
& Analytics

Rapidly roll out solutions by making use of industry-specific adapters and machine learning models.

Real-time Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Connect to a variety of source systems and ingest structured and/or unstructured data in real-time.

Continuous Learning Algorithms

Continuous Learning

Run machine learning algorithms on streaming data, with real-time feature computation, model scoring, accuracy evaluation and model retraining or rebuilding.

Online Profiles with Summaries

Online Profiles with Summaries

Maintain detailed online profiles that include summaries and predictions about customers, locations, cell towers, merchants, products, patients, etc.

Extensible & Open Platform

Extensible & Open Platform

Let data engineers, analysts, data scientists and business users access, configure and extend the capabilities of the platform.

Intelligent & Automated Actions

Intelligent & Automated Actions

Configure actions to take advantage of real-time insights or let a self-learning and self-optimizing robot do it for you.

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