Converse with Your Data in Microsoft Teams

This Webinar is now available on-demand.

The Details of the Webinar are here:

Join Vishrut Shukla from Microsoft and Vibhore Kumar from Unscrambl for a discussion and learn about:

  • Unscrambl qbo’s ability to connect, seamlessly, with numerous enterprise data sources – including Azure Synapse, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server – and enable conversational access to such data sources.
  • How qbo can respond to natural language queries with interactive visualizations, insights and explanations, and suggestions about possible follow-up questions.
  • How you can converse with qbo one-on-one or collaboratively as a team, view charts, refine and drill-down the data, create boards and even present the findings – all without having to leave the Teams platform.
  • Unscrambl qbo’s deep integration with Microsoft Teams allows a frictionless, interactive and collaborative data exploration experience.

Fact-based decision making has never been easier.