Accelerating Data & Insights in the Modern Workspace

This Webinar is now available on-demand.

About this webinar:

With remote working and the need for collaboration in real-time has made most organizations shift their business models to SaaS-based. This growing intent of moving to the cloud has imploded the demand for data storage for organizations to be data-driven. The conventional data warehouses being complex, costly, and inflexible have added to the complications of accessing and analyzing data.

Snowflake’s Data Cloud with high performance and zero management enables business users to directly and effortlessly chat with data through qbo, Unscrambl’s AI-powered data analyst using NLP without moving the data ever.

Join Unscrambl and Snowflake to learn how the accessibility of data and insights has changed in the Modern Workplace. We will also take you through a deep-dive demonstration on how qbo uncovers the insights using conversational analytics.

It also covers:

1. How Snowflake’s scalability combined with Unscrambl’s connector approach has removed the need for movement of data.
2. Unscrambl’s conversational approach to explore your data across different Snowflake databases using natural language queries and interactive visualizations.
3. How Snowflake’s architecture maintains a single copy of the data for data consumption and data insights are accessible in real-time with qbo.