Real-time Marketing for Customer Lifecycle Management

One of the largest mobile network operators in the Middle East radically transforms its marketing across all mobile & digital lines of business using qbo campaigns

qbo decisions was deployed to ingest & enrich data, and trigger campaigns in real-time for a multinational telecommunications service provider with the intention to implement real-time marketing targeted at all stages of the customer lifecycle & broader marketing efforts.


Operationalize both simple and complex use cases leveraging real-time data/triggers

Support digital transformation, M2M, IoT & data monetization efforts in addition to mobile, internet and TV businesses

Implement real-time marketing across all mobile & digital lines of business


Detecting Real-time Events for Personalized Customer Journeys

Personalizing customer interactions with a base of 1million is a tremendous feat when there are over 60 interactions occurring every second. When configuring an event, a marketer faces a plethora of challenges…

Finding value from data: With multiple customer profiles being maintained across data stores, a marketer finds it difficult to formulate a comprehensive understanding of their customers making it difficult to design personalised offers.

Timely customer interactions: In order to reach customers at the right channel at the right time, a suite of systems is employed to implement batch and real-time campaigns. This poses a challenge when these systems are required to operate together with high precision.


Low Latency, High Throughput Event Detection at Scale

qbo decisions ingests high volumes of streaming data from various sources and performs required transformations, aggregations and enrichments on-the-fly to form the base upon which real-time events can be configured and detected.

Our system combines customer information, from batch and real-time sources, to predict customer bill-shock thresholds and develop real-time triggers for communication to customers who exhibit abnormal usage.

qbo decisions presents marketers with a user-friendly interface that provides access to all ingested data and allows them to effortlessly configure algorithms to target customers based on new mobile handset and continuously enhance the model .

Omnichannel user experience to correlate top-up behavior information with real-time geographic location feeds and prompt customers to recharge and provide the nearest store location.


Respond to Triggers and Events in Real-time to Make the Right Offer to the Right Customer at the Right Time

Over 12 billion events processed per day fed to new low latency campaigns to increase subscriber value.

Over 3 million subscribers monitored in real-time to deliver 300,000+ personalized marketing offers.

First to market with new capabilities to send end deeply personalized offers to customers based on their real-time location and profile and enable services made available to third parties, in the government and private sector.