Event-based Marketing Improves CASA Performance

With a growing customer base of over 7 million customers and 4.5 million transactions a month, the Bank was perfectly poised to reduce costs and grow revenue by migrating customers to cashless forms of banking.

The Bank engaged Unscrambl to deploy AI-powered solutions qbo insights and qbo decisions with the goal of radically transforming its communications and implementing real-time marketing.


Enable Customer Engagement Teams to validate hypotheses and create customer journeys independent of data science and operations teams.

Better serve bank customers by leveraging real time data for timely customer interventions.


Detecting real-time events for contextual customer engagement

The biggest objective the bank was seeking to achieve was to engage customers in their micro-moments and empower its customer engagement team to act at the right time.

Long delivery times given the dependencies and workflows within large teams in the bank – right from getting data to design campaigns to executing them.

Tracking performance of live campaigns was weeks after campaign completion.


Low Latency, High Throughput Event Detection at Scale

Increased Data Consumption
Business users started interacting with their data using simple English through qbo insights’ intuitive converstaional interface. Using the proprietary NLP algorithm, qbo was able to understand the domain-specific intent and provide relevant results that were used to establish opportunity size and track campaign footprint.

Smarter Data Discovery & Campaign Design
An operational dashboard that displays various consumer behaviors were made available across diverse data sources and dimensions. The team started discovering insights using qbo’s automated analytical models as well as tapping their existing data science models. Time to insights and decisioning significantly reduced from weeks to a few hours using a combination of qbo insights and qbo decisions.

Tapping Real-time Opportunities
With the bank placing tremendous focus on data analytics, scaling data-driven marketing and communications was a step in the right direction. The business team started building and launching campaigns using qbo decisions’ fill-in-the-blank conversational UI—timely milestone-based reminders in real-time further improved campaign traction.


Dramatic improvements in Marketing ROI and campaign performance within weeks.


Improvement in Marketing ROI


Increase in debit and wallet based transactions