AI improves Cx and reduces Cost-To-Serve at Unionbank of the Philippines.

Introducing the first ‘digital employee’
at Unionbank Philippines to radically enhance customer experience for credit cards with qbo decisions

qbo decisions combines the latest technology in real-time analytics, NLP and AI, providing the bank’s customers a cutting edge customer experience. qbo decisoins integrates with customer-facing channels like Facebook Messenger and provides a truly contextual and conversational experience by continuously accessing a customer profile that is updated in real-time.


Enquire different types of current & savings account products, features and related information on new account openings.

Raise a transaction dispute from a list of recent transactions.

Enable users to upload documents quickly and securely.

Drive next best actions for customers through push – pull notifications.


Enhancing customer experience while reducing cost-to-serve & call volumes

Driving innovation in digital banking is a top priority for a bank that wishes to differentiate itself among stiff competition. How to capture customer value from conversations and offload routine / mundane tasks to a 24/7 intelligent digital employee?

Self Serve : How can the bank enable customers to perform different types of transactions on their account including Account Administration, Raising Requests, Activate and Deactivate functions, Execute Transactions, Get Emergency Support etc?

FAQ and Lead Generation : How can a bank generate, and process highly qualified leads at a lower cost of acquisition and allow customers to ask questions about products and services with intelligent recommendations?


Contextual and Location-Aware Chatbots Powered by Unscrambl qbo decisions.

Customer service available 24/7 for customers on favorite messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Frustration-free, intelligent conversations leveraging AI and NLP to improve comprehension and response over traditional chatbots.

Automation of a variety of resource-intensive processes, including responding to customer queries, making relevant product recommendations, onboarding users and executing service requests.

A rapid time-to-market solution at scale with an out-of-the-box library of intents and Machine Learning algorithms.

AI that leads the conversation with content that is contextually relevant to the user’s visit, while building up the user’s profile.


Diversion of customer conversations to digital channels reducing call volumes by almost 20%

Over 150,000 conversations per month within the first 3 months of launch with 90% accuracy of capturing customer intents using Unscrambl’s patent-pending NLP technology.

UnionBank Takes Honours at Highly Acclaimed Chatbot Service at the 2019 Global Retail Banking Innovation Awards in Singapore. Read more about it here.

Differentiated customer experience with relevant offers, leading to increase tenure of customer and reduction in attrition rates.