Supercharge your marketing effort by making use of Drive

Drive – Unscrambl’s AI-driven, marketing automation offering, with its Robots, has the ability to come up with the best marketing strategy, i.e. decide the best offer to send to each customer, and whom not to touch at all, to optimize take-up rate, revenue or profit.


Robots focus on a specific goal, e.g. data up-sell or churn reduction, and are capable of creating intelligent contextual campaigns that make use of live profiles for each customer and predictions of future customer behavior. They can explore thousands of combinations of audiences, offers and trigger conditions in order to continuously learn and then act on based on the knowledge acquired.

Drive comes equipped with software that allows it to ingest streaming, historic and/or reference datasets, apply analytic algorithms on them and continuously update customer profiles based on their most recent activity. This allows targeting these very customers at the most momentous occasions – when they’re still right in their point of intent, based on their past, current and predicted future behavior.

Beyond Robots, if required, marketing teams can now launch sophisticated campaigns using an easy to use, natural-language inspired interface. These campaigns take advantage of the rich customer profiles and Drive’s ability to detect complex real-time events.

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