Contextual and Personalized Conversations Out of the Box

Unscrambl chAI is available in a simple, rapidly customizable and deployable, out of the box platform that can be deployed on-prem, on the cloud or in a hybrid fashion. The chatbots cover the following business use cases:

Chatbots built on Unscrambl chAI can engage with customers for a variety of marketing, customer care and wellness use-cases. In addition, it can engage with internal business employees on a variety of business intelligence, self-help and operations use-cases using natural language. It can integrate with core enterprise systems, data warehouses and Big Data lakes.

A key differentiator of chAI is that it maintains rich profiles of users and uses these profiles to decide on the best conversation flow with the user. It can integrate with other Unscrambl products for ingesting any pertinent internal and external datasets in real-time, creating rich profiles of customers and other entities, predicting their future behavior, detecting situations of interest and deciding on the next best actions for a given situation.  It incorporates automated machine learning in all stages and continuously improves the profiles and the conversation dialogs based on feedback and new observations.

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