The cognitive mastermind behind Unscrambl’s offerings


Unscrambl Brain has the ability to capture data – streaming, batch or reference and make sense of it, giving it meaning and thus formulating recommendations based on the data and even acting upon what is recommended. The Brain consists of the following components:


Time-series aggregated store
Extremely space-efficient, based on a patent pending approach developed by our team. Recharges, Number of dropped calls, Number of international calls – in the past 10 minutes, hour, day, week, month, year, lifetime.


In-Memory profile store
Fast read/write access to features that are associated with an entity, Last known location of customers, Predicted home and work locations, etc.


Python-based ML framework for building and online scoring of models
Sepsis Prediction Model, Anomaly Detection Models, Next Best Action

This real-time analytics engine is designed to see patterns, find anomalies, reflect on insights, generate ideas, remember, recall, juxtapose, contrast, predict and learn – all the time, in real-time.

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