From marketing to sales, CX and Network, learn how leading Telecom players use qbo insights to get teams to disrupt traditional decision making processes.
Deep dive into micro segments based on behavioral trends and launch campaigns that impact key business metrics.

“qbo, what is the contract revenue this month vs. last month?”

“How’s the free phone campaign for this month performing over that last month?”
Bridge the gap between network and customer data sources to determine the parameters affecting performance.

“Show me the cell sites with more than 50% drop in data usage from 3PM to 7PM .”

“Refine further and show by customer value segment”
Sales & Revenue Management
Conduct meaningful conversations and timely interventions with insights in market driven data.

“Which region had the maximum degrowth in gross additions in last 7 days against previous 7 days”

“Refine further and show by top zones / distributors”
Customer Experience
Uncover service disruptions, issues in user experience and act proactively to deliver customer delight.

“Number of customers with more than two dropped calls in the last four hours, by segment type”

“In what geographies do we see high customer churn this month?”