Vibhore Kumar

For data intensive computing, he’s the one to know
From IIT-BHU and Georgia Tech
Via Oracle and IBM he’s taken a trek
He’s now the master at optimizing a streaming data flow

Henrique Andrade

Unscrambl’s CTO is Henrique, a bold man
With a rich history from IBM, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs
Streams runtime he architected
Risk and Trading platforms he perfected
He now manages more technologies from his cave than Batman

Mike Gleason

Unscrambl’s CFO is Mike Gleason
Finding money for businesses is his passion
He raised equity rounds at Adexa
At Netgateway, an IPO for moolah
Now he brings finances at startups to order and reason

Praveen Thakur

Hail to our COO, Mr Thakur, Praveen
Possessor of business sense very keen
With experience great
And vision so straight
He’s giving Unscrambl its competitive gene

Niket Vaidya
Chief Growth Officer

Niket is Unscrambl’s VP of Sales and Marketing
With experience in transforming enterprises in markets emerging
An MBA and ex-IBM
In Business analytics he is creme de la creme
When not working, you’ll find him deep in meditation and cycling

Anand Ranganathan
Chief AI Officer

Anand Ranganathan is VP of Solutions at Unscrambl
With big & streaming data, he loves to wrangle
A PhD from Illinois
Got this IITian a bit wise
Now he tries to do data science better than a random sample


Bugra Gedik
Chief Product Officer

Bugra is Unscrambl’s fearless VP of Engineering
He designs streaming platforms with a spirit so buccaneering
Architect of IBM InfoSphere Streams
Writer of books and papers in reams
He also teaches at Bilkent University and collects awards for a living


Unscrambl was founded with the vision of helping organizations.



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