Unscrambl’s fleet of automated solutions – known as Robots – are tailored to specific use cases in a given industry order to drive concrete value.

The Robots come pre-configured with all the components needed to fulfill a use-case, including the ability to ingest and parse all the relevant streaming, historical and reference data, machine learning pipelines to make various predictions and recommendations, and the ability to take action on various channels. Critically, Robots have the ability to continuously evaluate the efficacy of those actions and learn the best way to respond to a given situation. This allows them to plan an optimal strategy for achieving a high-level business goal through a careful balance of exploration and exploitation.

Marketing robots aim to come up with the best marketing strategy, i.e. decide the best offer to send to each customer, and whom not to touch at all, to optimize take-up rate, revenue or profit.

They are capable of creating intelligent contextual campaigns that make use of live profiles for each customer and predictions of future customer behavior. They can explore thousands of combinations of audiences, offers and trigger conditions in order to continuously learn and then act on based on the knowledge acquired.

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Time is of the essence in most industries, but especially so in Healthcare and Law Enforcement, where a life could be on the line at any given moment.

With Unscrambl’s Mission Critical Robots, healthcare professionals and law enforcement officers are now able to cut discrepancies and delays in processes, explore a large number of condition-alert scenarios and continuously learn from previous alerts and human responses to these alerts. These robots can optimize the raising of alerts to minimize false positives without sacrificing quality and coverage.

See how it works in: Healthcare

As the world gets larger and more connected, opportunities arise with challenges in streamlining systems, processes, schedules and more.

Unscrambl’s Operations Robots are highly adept at identifying complex conditions that can be used to predict future behaviors that are especially beneficial for industries like Transportation, Logistics, etc. The Operations Robot can also optimize business operations to consume minimal resources and continuously learn from results of configurations and decisions.

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