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Today’s retail landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically. Change is seldom easy, especially when the future is uncertain. Consumers are becoming far more informed, and product choices are proliferating rapidly. Unscrambl is helping retailers tap into increasingly large amounts of data to answer their most challenging questions that hold the key to improving performance in these difficult times.

Problems We Solve

Merchandise Planning

Integrate multiple data sources to better monitor and analyze key performance metrics such as sales, margins, inventory levels across thousands of SKUs, and manage end of season pricing decisions to maximize sales and profitability.

Channel Performance

Identify the most profitable regions, buyer demographics and prioritize channel efforts around your best selling brands. Understand how shoppers respond to promotions, so you can create appealing promotions without sacrificing margin.

Store Performance

See what sells and what doesn't, monitor execution against product and store-wise plans, and make smarter buying decisions.

Brand Analysis

Manage the trade-off between revenue, profit, and price image to support your brand strategy
performance of different brands, profile buyer segments and understand the sales funnel.

Why Unscrambl

We Make Data Understandable and Actionable

Balancing Speed, Scale and Agility to put you ahead.

Unscrambl has the ability and intelligence to manage complex data streams and automate decisions to deliver high impact business outcomes across customer experience, marketing and network.

With qbo insights, we enable different teams to collaborate with data and access insights conversationally for faster decisions.

With qbo decisions, marketeers can combine real time transactional events with machine learning models to automate decisions on customer experience.

qbo insights

Democratize Data with Conversational Access to Insights

A modern business generates tons of data. This data is growing exponentially across different touch points and sources. The key challenge is to be able to make consistently smart. decisions. qbo insights is an NLP-based conversational analytics product, that delivers maximum value to business mangers and leaders by giving them power to have the insights they need readily available at all times to make the timely decisions that matter.

qbo Decisions

Act on Insights and Automate Decisions With Machine Learning

Reinvent customer engagement programs with continuous intelligence powered by qbo decisions. Anticipate critical business events in real-time to enrich customer experience with conversations that are contextually aware, hyper- personalized. Powered by ML-driven algorithms, qbo decisions considers all possible outcomes and options to balance diverse constraint variables, so you can deliver the best results possible.


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