Never Move Data Again

qbo insights connects directly to over 30 different types of on-prem and on-cloud databases, data-lakes and applications. Enable quick and seamless data sharing across the organization for everyone.

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Converse With Your Data in Natural Language.

qbo insights speaks the language of your business. Our rich domain experience in telecoms and financial services allows us to empower non-technical business users to pose questions to any data source in natural language. Zero training, all NLP.


Organize Your Thoughts to Create Stories

Create threads & channels to explore data and sort your analysis. Chat in your own personal qbo channel. Make a channel Public to share insights or keep data confidential with a Private channel.


Collaborate with Data Like Never Before

Fast-track decisions, as you collaborate with colleagues to discover actionable insights. With Active Collaboration, all threads, analysis, charts and boards in shared channels will be visible to all participants in real time.


Pin and Play Your Stories

Presentation ready data stories in qbo mean that there is no need to recreate presentation decks. Go straight from pinning your charts to playing your stories in meetings.


Explore the Technology That Powers Unscrambl qbo insights

Purpose-built from the ground up for conversations, collaboration, automated insights, ease of use, scale, and enterprise governance.

Case Study

Automated Root-cause Analysis Helps Identify Missed Opportunities

Marketing teams at a Tier-1 mobile carrier use qbo to deep-dive into data and understand changes in demographics, segments, product behaviours, consumption, usage trends, channel preferences and identify missed revenue opportunities.

Case Study

AI/ML Powered Intelligent Product Pairing Improves Profitability

Product managers and analysts use qbo to evaluate product bundles, sales performance and customer preferences based on historical purchase patterns across segments and time of day. This helps to increase product conversion at point of sale and plan inventory.

Case Study

Armed with Insights, Frontline Channels Help Outpace Market Growth

Digital insurer uses qbo to power critical policy, premiums and claims information insights for managers and extended sales agents to access through an easy-to-use conversational interface to accelerate customer acquisition and market reach.


The Only Tool Your Business Users Will Ever Need to Work with Data.

Augmented analytics from qbo insights, is designed to meet the on-demand BI needs of business users conversationally, relieving the burden from data science and technology teams. With qbo insights, you’ll gain the actionable business intelligence you need in seconds – not days or weeks.