Boosting Customer Engagement and Loyalty at the World's #1 Bank

High throughput, real-time event-processing against Credit Card, ATM and Digital Banking feeds to enable personalized customer journeys. Bridging the digital divide between on-premise customer profiles, transaction events, and cloud marketing platforms.


Improving Outcomes with Marketing Bots for a Tier-1 Mobile Operator

Improvement of marketing campaign effectiveness by automatically determining micro-segments through real-time a/b testing. Resulted in over 400% improvement in cross-sell / up-sell of the most relevant products to each micro-segment based on context.


AI Ensuring No Missed Connections at the World's Best Airport

Processing over 10,000 flight combinations a minute to evaluate commercial decisions for critical connections across Asia's largest ground operator. More accurate decisions to minimize flight disruption, missed pax and bags ahead of time.



real-time events processed a day


recommendations generated per min


percent ROI on decisions


Unscrambl - an Innovation Leader in Continuous Intelligence

Hype Cycle for Customer Experience Analytics, 2019
Hype Cycle for Analytics & Business Intelligence, 2019
Hype Cycle for Data Science & Machine Learning, 2019

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Data Ingestion

Connect to On-premise and Online Data Sources

qbo decisions puts the power of real-time in the hands of the business. Ingest any real-time data stream through our simple & intuitive user interface and apply both simple & complex enrichments across multiple temporal windows. Our low latency, high-throughput time-series aggregate and in-memory profile stores allow you to close-the-loop between on-prem transactional systems where the intelligence lies, and digital customer experience platforms, where the fulfillment happens.

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Event Detection

Create Rules and Triggers for Real-time Events

qbo decisions allows business users to configure rules, triggers and constraints for event processing, decision making and experimentation. Our patent-pending technology allows highly efficient aggregations of data at different time granularities in real-time. Maintaining and updating complex aggregations on streaming data has never been easier!

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Rapid Experimentation

Initiate AI-led Experimentation

Very often the actual real-world impact of decisions are not known in advance, either because of lack of data or rapidly changing worlds. qbo decisions includes an experimentation module that allows rapidly and intelligently experimenting with an appropriate sample of the population to learn behaviours in an active manner.

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Machine Learning

Automate Optimal Decisions

Evaluating thousands of decision parameters for complex and mission-critical operations is almost an impossible task for humans. qbo decisions uses sophisticated algorithms that learn from historical trends and patterns to identify the most optimal decisions and lets you focus on putting them to action. Continuously improve recommendations from active machine learning with every interaction.

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Tracking & Monitoring

Continuously Track & Measure Performance

Keep a pulse on your most important business KPIs in real-time with our closed feedback loops for measuring take-up and response rates from campaigns against local and global control groups.

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Next-Generation Stream-Processing Architecture

Time-series aggregate store
In-memory profile store
Python-based ML framework for building and online scoring of models