Our qbo solutions sit on top of a continuous intelligence platform that brings together a variety of capabilities. A right mix of these capabilities will be called on dependent on the role to be played and the level of augmented intelligence required from qbo.
qbo’s platform offers of a range of capabilities that can be customized based on the level of Augmented Intelligence needed.

qbo, can wear many different hats to support your organization!

  • qbo insights, our leading solution, helps decision-makers access relevant data and insights conversationally.
  • qbo decisions (erstwhile qbo campaign) automates your marketing programs, boosting productivity - and results.
  • qbo cx is your virtual customer service rep, engaging naturally with your customers.
  • qbo ops allows real-time optimization of operations functions in different industries.


Connect to any data source, fast or slow, big or small, with qbo’s out-of-the-box Connectors.


Curate, enrich and transform source data to efficiently derive insights from the raw data.


Detect triggers and decision in real-time using up-to-the-second information.


Analytics capabilities uncover insights, patterns using ML-based models. It also enables exploration and experimentation to achieve optimal results.


Understand nuanced natural language queries from end-users and retrieve results from data sources. The end result is simple, chat-based conversations that can be held on Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other apps.


Get real-time alerts for critical business processes or breach of thresholds, so you can keep a finger on the pulse of your business.