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The journey from data to insights, to decisions and onwards to actions that deliver tangible value is an orchestrated interplay between multiple stages. Solutions that just deliver data or deliver insights assuming the presence of data, or deliver decisions assuming the presence of insights – just don’t work.

From its inception, Unscrambl has focused on delivering tangible business value and not just a capability, a piece of the puzzle or a platform. Unscrambl’s end-to-end solutions, with their industry focus, offer the following advantages:

Quick Deployment
While a comprehensive platform eliminates the need for lengthy cobbling of disparate technologies, the industry data models and packaged adapters and analytics ensure that raw data is rapidly hooked-up and ready for delivering value.

Scalable & Continuous
Once again, the underlying platform ensures that the volume and/or velocity of data is never a concern. Furthermore, insights are delivered in real-time and so are the recommendations based on such insights – ensuring that timely action can be taken.

Intuitive & Intelligent
Our industry-focused solutions help us embed very specific analytical models (e.g. top-up prediction, sepsis score, etc.) into our industry offerings. These models are made more intelligent by the fact that they are scored in real-time and they can continue to learn as more data arrives.

Value-Driven Recommendations
Our solutions provide a friendly interface for configuring value-driven recommendations based on the insights. Moreover, we package several such recommendation templates with our industry solutions – like campaign templates in Drive and alert templates in PULSE to assist the people in charge.

Flexibility & Extensibility
Since the solution is built on a general-purpose platform, it is not a point solution. The data model can be extended, new data sources can be added and new analytics can be plugged-in.

Say goodbye to implementation failures, sizeable delays and insights that travel no further than dashboards. Unscrambl’s solutions will provide you with value-driven recommendations that can be relayed to humans for action or to Robots for automated action.

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