MANILA, Philippines, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/

Unscrambl, the leading augmented intelligence company announced a partnership with Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) to deploy AI-powered solutions that leverage machine learning to unlock organizational data. These solutions have already begun to transform the way RCBC engages with its clients in a more intelligent and timely manner.

Unscrambl developed their groundbreaking AI platform with Microsoft technology to deliver a robust solution for RCBC. Microsoft’s scalable Azure cloud architecture, specifically QnA maker and LUIS NLP capabilities, enables Unscrambl Solutions to deliver domain-specific intelligence and personalized conversations.

RCBC has engaged Unscrambl with the goal of radically transforming its communications and implementing real-time marketing. “Our Digital Customer Engagement Division endeavors to learn and act on consumer behaviour that will enable us to engage them in their micro moments,” notes Margarita B Lopez, Head Digital banking group at RCBC. “Unscrambl’s technology empowers us to better serve our clients & augments the great work our data science group enabled for us.”

The bank has deployed two of Unscrambl’s AI-powered solutions. Unscrambl Drive, a continuous intelligence platform, powering real-time event detection & decisioning to drive contextual communications. This solution comes with out of the box module for banking that accelerates go-to-market timelines for the organization. At RCBC, Drive is being used to create customer journeys at scale that engage with existing customers at the most ‘meaningful moments’.

Unscrambl Answers represents a new paradigm of business analytics — it utilizes machine learning and NLP to unlock data and deliver contextual intelligence in a conversational manner. At RCBC, Answers is automating insight discovery that will drive campaign design and empower the DBG team to make faster, more informed decisions.

Within a few weeks of rolling out the solutions, RCBC Customer engagement team has seen dramatic improvements to its marketing efforts. An operational dashboard that displays various consumer behaviors is now available across diverse data sources and dimensions. Time to insights and decisioning has been significantly reduced from weeks to a few hours using a combination of Unscrambl Drive and Answers solutions. Results from the first set of test initiatives rolled out using Unscrambl Drive are very encouraging, clocking significant improvements in transaction volumes & values.

“The biggest value is the timing and the ability to act at the right time,” says Jeri Martinez, Vice President, Head of Digital Consumer Engagement Division who is quite pleased with the promising results. “There were various challenges, given the dependencies and workflows within large teams in the bank. Now we have become empowered, data-driven marketers with access to customer dynamics and trends, like time of day, via our intelligent campaign engine.”

Dennis Vergara, Head of Customer Analytics at RCBC added, “the bank is placing tremendous focus on data analytics. Scaling data driven marketing and communications is a step in the right direction for us.”