The financial industry is experiencing a rapid tech-led disruption due to the rise of smartphones, threats from new players and moreover, customers are now valuing tailored customer experiences above all else when choosing a financial institution.

To feed into their demands, financial services have to strive to do more and better with the data they’re already receiving. This includes analyzing streaming data like bank account activities, payments, credit card transactions, POS purchases and website and app activities in real-time to predict customer behaviors and needs, detect anomalies and increase customer satisfaction.

Our out-of-the-box analytics can enable various scenarios including predictions of future purchases by a customer at a certain merchant, identification of customer interests, recommendations of appropriate products or merchants, predictions of wallet usage behavior, derivations of mobility profiles and proactive identification of issues faced by the customer.

Our analytics, together with our platform that provides a single view of the customer and the ability to integrate multiple data feeds helps in tackling several use-cases such as Drive Card Usage, Marketing financial products and Customer Retention.

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Credit Card


Drive Card Usage

One of the key ways in which banks increase customer loyalty is to encourage spending with their credit or debit cards. If a bank can persuade a customer to use their bank’s card as opposed to the eight other cards in their wallet, it’s a win for the bank! In order to drive the usage of the card, we have several out-of-the-box analytics that can help banks devise the most appropriate offers and campaigns.

This includes models to predict future customer purchases, rank offers based on likelihood and utility of customers accepting them and identifying binge-buying patterns. In conjunction with our marketing platform, DRIVE, banks can execute real-time campaigns to drive card usage. In addition, together with our automated marketing platform, AUTO-DRIVE, banks can rapidly experiment with multiple marketing strategies and narrow down on the right offers to target the right people at the right time.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer care is at the heart of any institution, especially for financial institutions. Unscrambl has several out-of-the-box analytics that can monitor various customer touchpoint data streams to determine potential poor experiences faced by a customer such as denied transactions, late fees, etc. This can be used to predict future customer calls and help avert them. Banks can thus proactively improve customer satisfaction and prevent churn.

Upsell & Cross-sell Financial Products

Unscrambl BRAIN can continuously monitor customer transactions, website and app clicks, and other activities to determine their propensities to buy other financial products from the bank. Using DRIVE to execute the campaigns, we can target customers at the right time on the right channel using the right offer. And AUTO-DRIVE allows experimenting with different strategies to figure out the optimum method in an automated manner.

Key Features

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