AI-Driven Customer Engagement for the Modern Bank

Hyper Personalisation. Self Driving Contextual Campaigns. Engaging Customer Journeys. Employee Empowerment to consume insights and analytics. Unscrambl delivers this and more to some of the most innovative banks in the World. As banks adopt cloud marketing platforms, Unscrambl helps connect the rich wealth of on-premise data to enable seamless omni-channel customer experiences.

Outcomes We Deliver

Data-Driven Insights and Decisions

Interact with data conversationally and fetch actionable insights for quick decision making. Product teams, Relationship Managers, Marketing Analysts can collaboratively generate meaningful insights on customers, products and channels to monetise opportunities.

AI-Powered Customer Segmentation

Move from traditional, rule-based segmentation, and A/B testing to automated, AI-driven mass experimentation to increase take-up rates across target audiences. Incorporate machine learning models that rapid experiments on unique customer profiles and prioritize offers.

Accelerated 1:1 Customer Engagement

Choose from a wide range of predefined templates and event triggers to engage and interact with customers for basic banking needs such as transaction monitoring, optimize cash, activity summaries as well as plan end-to-end customer journeys such as onboarding or promoting new products.

Improve Customer Experience

Reduce the cost to acquire and serve customers by enabling truly seamless and dynamic customer conversations across digital channels. Differentiate yourself with AI-powered digital employees that work hard to reduce customer attrition by understanding your customers’ needs and preferences.

Case Study

Boosting customer engagement & loyalty at world's #1 bank

High throughput, real-time event-processing against Credit Card, ATM and Digital Banking feeds to enable personalized customer journeys. Bridging the digital divide between on-premise customer profiles, transaction events, and cloud marketing platforms.

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Case Study

Event-based Marketing Improves CASA Performance

Allows marketing teams to obtain a personalized understanding of their target customers, with the ability to deep dive across areas such as demographics, segments, customer behaviour, usage trends etc. to maximize customer engagement.

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Case Study

AI improves Cx and reduces cost-to-serve at a Challenger Bank

By combining real-time analytics & NLP, we integrate with channels like FB messenger and provide a personalized experience for existing customers on service requests such as bill payments, transaction disputes & statements of account request.

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Why Unscrambl

We Deliver True Personalisation at Scale

Balancing Speed, Scale and Agility to put you ahead.

Unscrambl has the ability and intelligence to manage complex data streams and automate decisions to deliver high impact business outcomes across customer experience, marketing and network.

With qbo insights, we enable different teams to collaborate with data and access insights conversationally for faster decisions.

With qbo decisions, marketeers can combine real time transactional events with machine learning models to automate decisions on customer experience.

qbo insights

Democratize Data with Conversational Access to Insights

A modern business generates tons of data. This data is growing exponentially across different touch points and sources. The key challenge is to be able to make consistently smart. decisions. qbo insights is an NLP-based conversational analytics product, that delivers maximum value to business mangers and leaders by giving them power to have the insights they need readily available at all times to make the timely decisions that matter.


Act on Insights and Automate Decisions with Machine Learning

Reinvent customer engagement programs with continuous intelligence powered by qbo decisions. Anticipate critical business events in real-time to enrich customer experience with conversations that are contextually aware, hyper- personalized. Powered by ML-driven algorithms, qbo decisions considers all possible outcomes and options to balance diverse constraint variables, so you can deliver the best results possible.


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