Airport Ground Operations driven by Artificial Intelligence on qbo decisions

Over 600,000 passengers connect through one of the world’s largest airports, presenting a logistical challenge of massive proportions to ground staff that is managing this task.

Read how qbo decisions helps one of the world’s leading ground operations companies improve passenger connectivity while maintaining on time performance for their airline partners.


Minimize passenger missed Connections – How can we reduce the number of passengers missing their connections?

On-time performance (OTP) – How can we maintain and improve OTP?

Quality & Consistency of decision making – How can we leverage on airport infrastructure data & airline data using AI to provide highly accurate & optimal decisions every time?


Improving Passenger Connectivity & maintaining On-Time Performance

Managing hundreds of connecting passengers everyday is no mean task. On a daily basis, there are many situations with arrival & connecting departure flights that can put passengers at risk of missing their connections. A DTM (Duty Terminal Manager) in an airport has to face some of the following key challenges on a day to day basis.

Reconciling multiple conflicting objectives in real time: Ground staff has to optimize for reduced missed connections, minimal delay, flight level constraints, airspace constraints, gate allocations and many more simultaneously before taking a commercial decision

Time sensitivity: Decisions around passenger connectivity are extremely time sensitive subject to even minor changes in the underlying conditions for a connection. It is crucial for ground staff to be able to take a “best guess” keeping all the variables in mind within the short time frame that has been provided

Decision Consistency & Accuracy: Mistakes from ground staff are costly and time consuming for both the airline & the ground operations company. Thus it is critical that decisions taken by the ground operations company are 100% in line with business rules, priorities while optimizing for passenger connectivity & on time performance.


Faster, more accurate connectivity
with qbo decisions

qbo decisions ingests data from the different data sources, business rules & user entered constraints and provide an optimal set of recommendations against departure flights with connections.

A DTM can view in detail, the recommendations provided by the system along with the impact of accepting the recommendation on number of missed passengers, bags, and on-time performance.

The system provides recommendations around gate reassignment (where applicable) to help reduce the connection time for passengers

DTMs can also perform What-If analysis to modify system provided recommendations and view a list of possible outcomes

In short, qbo decisions will sense, analyze, respond, learn and discover, providing passengers transiting through the airport the best possible chance to meet their connections, while at the same time ensuring business considerations of the airline are kept in mind.


Augment ground operations
performance with AI

Unlocked savings of anywhere between $300,000 – $500,000 / quarter through saved costs in rebookings / passenger accommodation / meal tickets issued.

Reduction in average delay per flight by approx 25% for every commercial decision taken by the airline around passenger connectivity


Prediction Accuracy for passenger & bag connectivity


Improving passenger connectivity outcomes for over 600,000 passengers per year


Average time taken to compute recommendations for the most complex connectivity scenarios