Maximising Missed Revenue Opportunities at a Tier-1 Mobile Carrier

With a subscriber base of 57 Million and revenue of ~Rp25 Trillion and ever increasing competition in the Telecom space. A leading Telecom operator in Indonesia wanted to have an AI powered solution to support their business users to analyse data conversationally for decision making based on factual data rather than hunch.

qbo insights helps  unlock business opportunities by enabling business users to converse with data, in natural language anytime, anywhere.


Empower users with a self-service platform which allows business users to converse with data in natural language without any technical intervention.

Leverage existing investments on data stack and provide a platform which can help users in data analytics with the ability to deep dive across various areas such as demographics, segments, product behaviours, consumption, usage trends, tower profitability, market share etc.

Provide inbuilt capability of alert and insights to help teams mid way course corrections.


Monetize Huge Investments Across the Data Real-estate in an Agile and Simplified Manner

In this era, decision-makers require the ability to pose ad-hoc queries about the state of their business. The inability of organizations to satisfy this hunger for data leads to bottlenecks in IT processes, and long waiting times – often 2-3 days, resulting in a delay in decision making and missed opportunities in the fast-moving world.

Significant technology investments in data stacks leading to loads of data but not enough data were consumed by business users for decision making

Too Many reports are created after spending several manhours. However, most current reports were not utilized or were underutilized by very few people, continuing the trend of report creation.

Availability of data only with IT & Analytics team and not be available on-demand, in a timely manner.

No ‘single-source’ of information. Multiple KPIs with multiple definitions and different dimensions, from different teams, source sytems and reports.


Faster, Conversational Access to Data for Decision-making With qbo insights

A Truly Conversational Interface – The intuitive and easy-to-use conversational platform with domain-specific NLP algorithms, that understands more accurately the intent and provides relevant output.

Data at your fingertips – qbo insights is available on any web browser and handheld device to allow users access anytime, anywhere.

Query-time Analysis – qbo insights connects to multiple data sources and extracts insights from petabytes of data, all from a single interface, and on-demand.

Out-of-the-Box Analytics – users can access insights and use variance analysis to identify root-causes for a change in any business KPI in seconds, drastically cutting down the time spent on the identification of factors responsible for the change.

Collaboration – users across the organisation including Analysts, Managers, and Senior Managers, all the way up to Directors and CxO level decision makers to access a single source of truth in a simple and intuitive manner.


Ability to Access over 2PB of Data from Big Data Stores with Analytics On-demand

Protected millions of dollars invested in data real-estate including data lakes and data warehouses – by connecting across them to bring all the information under one umbrella for business users to monetize data without the hassle of coordinating with different teams and spending enormous amounts of time in aligning numbers.

Increased productivity and deployment of resources as the turnaround time to access data improved substantially. IT resources were subsequently upskilled and repurposed towards higher-value tasks and more strategic projects by freeing their bandwidth from an endless queue of ad-hoc queries.