Boosting Customer Engagement and Loyalty at the World's #1 Bank

With a digitally savvy customer base, and staying relevant among the ‘noise’ of offers, Singapore’s leading financial services institution wanted to differentiate itself with the right offer at the right time.

Ingesting events from over 3 million customer transactions daily, qbo decisions equips business managers with the perfect tool to engage customers at their zero-moment-of-truth.


Operationalizing Triggers – How can we leverage customer behaviour to improve engagement, in real-time?

Improving Offer Response Rate – How can we hyper-personalise interactions for each customer?

Increase Customer Stickiness – How can we become an invaluable part of the customer’s journey?


Detecting Real-time Events for Personalized Customer Journeys

Personalizing customer interactions with a base of 1million is a tremendous feat when there are over 60 interactions occurring every second. When configuring an event, a marketer faces a plethora of challenges…

Finding value from data: With multiple customer profiles being maintained across data stores, a marketer finds it difficult to formulate a comprehensive understanding of their customers making it difficult to design personalised offers.

Timely customer interactions: In order to reach customers at the right channel at the right time, a suite of systems is employed to implement batch and real-time campaigns. This poses a challenge when these systems are required to operate together with high precision.


Low Latency, High Throughput Event Detection at Scale

qbo decisions ingests high volumes of streaming data from various sources and performs required transformations, aggregations and enrichments on-the-fly to form the base upon which real-time events can be configured and detected.

Our system combines customer information, from batch and real-time sources, to present a single 360 profile of each customer.

qbo decisions presents marketers with a user-friendly interface which provides access to all ingested data and allows them to effortlessly configure contextualised events for target audiences.

An omni-channel user experience is provided, as qbo decisions seamlessly integrates with downstream systems, bridging the gap between real-time and batch offers while maintaining a secure connection to its data sources.


End-to-end Customer Journeys Based on Meaningful Moments in Every Customer's Lifecycle

Over 1 million events processed per day from ATM Switch, Credit Card Kafka data streams and real-time customer profiles scored in seconds.

Increase in numberof credit card transctions and uplift in credit card spends per transaction

Differentiated customer experience with relevant offers, leading to increase tenure of customer and reduction in attrition rates.