The Biggest Aviation Experts Rely on Us

Asia’s largest ground operator and airlines rely on Unscrambl to capture and organise real-time mission critical data on flights, passenger and baggage movements, weather, global and local constraints to generate recommendations that allow terminal managers to take faster and more consistent decisions.

Problems We Solve

Passenger Connectivity Decisions

Next generation AI-powered hub operations to help ground ops teams and airlines to maximize commercial priorities with better OTP and pax connectivity.

Dynamic Ground Staff Allocation

Reduce cost of ground staff allocation and delays by automating advisory in real-time from flight delay status, flight loads, passenger and baggage data, and weather data.

Aircraft Utilization Planning

Enhance aircraft productivity with dynamic recommendations by understanding complex patterns from fleet data, schedules, passenger reservations, and operations maintenance data.

Predictive Disruption Management

Respond to disruptive events (IROPs) with predictive analytics that uses weather, traffic data to forecast the risks of disruptions from real-time event data and recommend actions to terminal managers and operators.

Why Unscrambl

We Help You Bridge Your Commercial and Operational Needs

Developing and executing real-world, advanced AI models for solutions to elevate your operations.

  • A flexible & robust data ingestion platform that ‘connects’ to your most critical data sources
  • A true data ingestion platform that ‘connects’ to your most critical data sources
  • Out-of-the-box advanced AI models that solve critical business and operational priorities

Democratize Data with Conversational Access to Insights

A modern business generates tons of data. This data is growing exponentially across different touch points and sources. The key challenge is to be able to make consistently smart. decisions. qbo insights is an NLP-based conversational analytics product, that delivers maximum value to business mangers and leaders by giving them power to have the insights they need readily available at all times to make the timely decisions that matter.


Act on Insights and Automate Decisions with Machine Learning

Reinvent the way you take actions with continuous intelligence powered by qbo decisions. Anticipate critical business events in real-time to enhance operational performance.

Powered by ML-driven algorithms, qbo decisions considers all possible outcomes and options to balance diverse constraint variables, so you can deliver the best results possible.


Your Data Never Sleeps.

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